Imran Riaz Khan: Navigating Legal Challenges Amidst Allegations

by Ehsaan Batt

Imran Riaz Khan: Navigating Legal Challenges Amidst Allegations

Imran Riaz Khan renowned journalist and YouTube personality finds himself entangled in a legal battle, facing charges related to terrorism outside Lahore’s Anti-Terrorism Court. The court has granted a five-day physical remand for Imran Riaz Khan in connection with the Jallo Park incident.

Imran Riaz Khan’s legal woes began when he was arrested and presented before the Anti-Terrorism Court following allegations of setting fire outside Jallo Park. The presiding judge, Mohammad Naveed Iqbal, approved the police’s request for a five-day physical remand. The arrest was made following a complaint filed at the Race Course Police Station, linking Imran Riaz Khan to an anti-state campaign on social media on February 22.

imran riaz in police custody
Imran Riaz in Police custody

Investigations and Accusations

The Anti-Terrorism Court initiated an inquiry into the hate-mongering allegations against Imran Riaz Khan, particularly his alleged involvement in an anti-judiciary campaign on social media. The investigation, conducted by the FIA Crime Wing, involved journalist Asad Tour and Imran Riaz Khan for questioning. The subsequent arrest on February 23 led to Imran Riaz Khan being sent to judicial remand.

Counterclaims and Arrest Circumstances

Imran Riaz Khan, during a court appearance, claimed that his arrest was politically motivated. He asserted that he was apprehended from his home and detained for saluting a lady who was to become the Chief Minister, alleging the involvement of a political mafia in orchestrating his arrest. Imran Riaz Khan vowed to fight this battle until the end, expressing determination to confront the alleged political pressure.

Imran Riaz Khan’s legal team challenged the authenticity of the case, labeling it baseless and aimed at tarnishing his political and ethnic image. The Lahore High Court was urged to look into the matter. However, the Anti-Corruption Court maintained that there was no evidence of corruption in the awarding of a contract for Robi Lake and dismissed the plea.

Anti-Corruption Case: The Robi Lake Contract

This development follows Imran Riaz Khan’s entanglement in an anti-corruption case related to the Robi Lake contract. The FIA Crime Wing had requested the Lahore Anti-Corruption Court to seek a judicial remand for Imran Riaz Khan on charges of receiving contracts under illegal circumstances.

Imran Riaz Khan’s legal battles are unfolding amidst a complex web of allegations, investigations, and counterclaims. The political undertones are evident, with Imran Riaz Khan asserting that he is being targeted for his political stance and journalistic activities.